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Typical products, a healthy eating business

The agri-food industry is growing, thanks to the typical products of the territory the economy is holding up. The agri-food business is starting to dictate the line in Europe. Our PDO and PGI recognized products are the driving force. It is no coincidence that for the European Union out of the 822 protected 299 are Made in Italy. A clarification, let’s talk about food. For wine, the satisfactions are even more satisfying.

Yet in the early nineties our products were seen with distrust. In spite of the global crisis, the products of the Italian land have taken a good revenge: original turnover of about 7 billion euros. The figure rises to 14.7 billion for consumption and a turnover abroad of 3.5 billion.

The numbers are all positive: production increased by 46%, consumption by 63% and exports even tripled. The numbers are all positive: production has increased by 46%, consumption by 63% and exports have even tripled.

System for counting more

But one point should be highlighted, strengthening all the typical products gains the entire sector, so that among the producers themselves, both industrial and artisan is recurrent to make system.  We must not lower our guard: because only 15 Italian products pull the strings, we cite among the most important Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, Mortadella di Bologna, Mela della Val di Non, the others are left with the crumbs.

The Mozzarella di bufala campana and the Burrata di Andria are starting to be satisfied.

Europe helps us

A godsend also comes from the trade agreements even if we are not yet on international protection and outside the EU borders it is easy to fall victim to fakes and counterfeits.

The latest agreement, pending the green light, between China and Europe, provides for the mutual recognition of one hundred products with geographical indications. A further injection of confidence. China is the second largest market for EU agri-food with exports worth 12.8 billion.

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