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Taxes to pay, hectic days for everyone

A weekend of work for accountants and Italians to do the accounts in their own pocket for the taxes to pay. On 2 December, those who have joined the scrappe-ter and the balance and removal of the folders have time to pay the instalment. There are 1.8 million taxpayers who have taken advantage of this tax opportunity granted to pay off past debts. 11,4 million of these are for the ‘junkyard’, while 4,2 million are for the balance and dismantlement.

385 thousand taxpayers will pay the first instalment “balance and write-off”, 267 thousand for those who had forgotten about the scrap-ter.

In addition, there are 1 million 170 thousand taxpayers adhering to the ‘scrappe-ter’ by April 30. Also those who paid the first installment in July, by December 2 will move on to the second installment.

December 2nd is due, but…

You don’t have to take the deadline because the risk is to screw up the whole payment plan and lose the installment benefit with the collection agency that will resume all recovery actions. There is, however, a tolerance: 5 days.

The balance and cut-off is the real fiscal novelty for many. The relief provided for old payments not made provides for payment to the extent that varies from 16 to 35% of the amount due, already discounted penalties and interest based on income.  The ‘scrapping-ter’, on the other hand, provides for the cancellation of penalties and interest on arrears only.

What is the Government doing

The taxes to be paid is one of the issues that feeds the divisions within the majority of the Government, In view of the Budget Law there are those who want more stringent measures. From the latest news from the Roman Palaces has been canceled the tightening for omitted withholding and omitted payment of VAT. Good news could come for those who do not pay local taxes and repent. In the Committee on Finance, an amendment has been approved that establishes active repentance with ultra-low penalties. There seems to be no longer the idea of foreclosing the accounts of citizens who did not pay taxes.

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