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Italian wines, a resource for made in Italy

Italian wines an asset?

When we talk about made in Italy we think of fashion, Ferrari, other quality industrial products, our fine cheeses and delicious food, but how to forget Italian wines.

Italian wines have always competed with French wines for quality supremacy in the world.

And the price struggle is there to prove it.

By now, fine and vintage French and Italian bottles are a real investment.

The impact of climate change

These days it is inevitable for wine producers to come to terms with climate change.

The rising temperatures will mean that, this year in particular, already after August 15th in various parts of Italy will be ready for the harvest.

The traditional grape harvest scheduled between September and October this year will certainly be brought forward.

Good news and bad news are expected.

Production drops but first in the world

According to Coldiretti there will be a considerable drop in production. About 10% less than in 2018.

Despite this, Italy is expected to rank first in the world as overall production.

Preceding France and Spain.

Italian wine exports at the historical record

And another great and positive news comes from the data on exports, which see exports reach their historical record by a further +5.2% compared to last year.

An already exceptional year that brought 6.2 billion euros to the coffers, the first item in the field of agro-food exports.

Who are the main buyers? In the first place remain the United States, followed by Great Britain which, in the face of the current BREXIT, seems to have fallen in love with our sparkling wines.

Less production and more quality

In its odd climate with a very bad May and a very hot summer this type of climate improves the quality of the grape harvest.

A smaller but absolutely excellent quality production is therefore expected.

“The wine sector – according to a note from Confagricoltura – is of considerable importance for the agricultural economy and the food industry in Italy: there are 300,000 companies with vineyards…”.

Then the numbers continue to be important: “… an area of 652,000 hectares of wine grapes, 50,000 of which with wine-making cellars, for a total turnover of about 10 billion euros”!

Internal consumption is also growing

While it is always a good thing to dose the consumption of wine, it is also noticeable that the internal consumption figure is always better.

In Italy wine purchases have reached the threshold of 37.5 litres per capita per year.

As a result, household spending grew by +6.5% in value in the first quarter of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 (data provided by Coldiretti on Ismea Nielsen data).

The real risk for Italian wines is counterfeiting

The real risk and danger for Italian wines is the spread and proliferation of counterfeiting.

Especially on the Internet, labels of allegedly made in Italy wine are marketed that are ridiculous for an Italian but attractive for a foreigner less aware of the purchase.

They go from semi-dry to consecco to Whitesecco and whoever has more of them!

The reaction of the president of Coldiretti Ettore Prandini is necessary: “Exports must be protected in the face of the numerous attempts to trivialize national productions. Besides the economic loss, what is worrying is above all the damage to image”. We hope that the EU, which is always ready to blame Italy for once, will take some useful measures to protect our products at least within the EU.

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