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Investing in the environment – the prospects for sustainable finance

Investing in the environment in your own small. Italians would like to use their savings to drain the damage to their health caused by natural disasters or phenomena related to climate change. The latest high water events in Venice and torrential rains in Matera have brought to their knees two pearls of locations from North to South Italy but also awakened that love for the protection of the environment especially in savers.

The lack of communication

Unfortunately, they don’t know how to behave. Environmental sustainability is considered a priority for a 59% sample according to a Doxa Bva survey. At the same time they confess that sustainable savings products are not well publicized and point the index against financial promoters. Ethical investments, if supported and disseminated effectively, could prove to be a good investment not only for themselves but also for the community. Yet around the world as many as 31 trillion dollars, half of which is invested in Europe.

How to invest in the environment in the future

Sustainable finance could be a strand to consider. The environmental green line is in the heart of the Italians.

Sustainable investments in the mind of the good citizen also exist in corporate welfare but poor communication in this sense does not give the right reward.

The Italian saver would like Corporal social responsibility activities to be more important for the companies of which he is a client, so that they are not considered only a facade and marketing operation. Summing up, Italian savers would like to invest in SRI products that often and willingly have better returns.

The novelty for Sustainable and Responsible Investment

Sustainable and Responsible Investment aims to ensure value for the investor and society as a whole. A few days ago, Azimut Holding formalised its new sustainable investment strategy. In the first three months of 2020, the launch of a line of full Sri sub-funds (100% invested in Esg shares) and thematic products is planned.

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