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Black Friday, between rip-offs and compulsive shopping

Countdown to Black Friday, November 29, 2019. Markets of all kinds are in fibrillation. Most people are taking advantage of this special day.

In the stock market there is talk of Christmas rallies that start straddling this date, but what happens in other sectors? Let’s go see it.

What’s Black Friday?

It’s the day the Christmas shopping season opens the day after Thanksgiving in the US. A custom that has also entered the habits of Italians.

You don’t expect Christmas anymore

A fact that everyone does not expect: almost 70% of people take the opportunity to buy Christmas presents despite the fact that so many days are still missing. A high figure that makes retailers and online retailers’ ears straighten up. The most sought-after products are PCs and computers, tablets, telephones, clothing, household appliances, furniture, DIY and gardening, cosmetics and beauty and entertainment products.

But beware that…

Everybody wants the deal, but there’s always an unwelcome surprise.  Unfortunately there are those who take advantage of it to put old products on the market. This orientation is facilitated by the too many temptations of buyers who, in search of a good deal, put everything in the shopping cart.

For the influx of people there are those who study security measures

The case in Marcianise, where the special commissioner issued an order to regulate traffic at the two shopping centres in the area, is emblematic. In the car parks there will have to be a medical supervision, activation of a fire rescue team, warning lights, surveillance.

Compulsive shopping

Many are victims of compulsive shopping. It manifests itself especially in those who are addicted to web shopping. With this practice the mental disorder has increased, compared to the past that you had to go to a store. The obsession with getting a good deal is a kind of satisfaction in spending money.

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